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IMPORTANT!! Cryptocademy has moved to its new home, Be sure to sign up there, so you don't miss an issue.


Cryptocademy has moved to its new home,

Be sure to sign up there, so you don't miss an issue.

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Issue 43 – False Breaks Are Signals Too

Just making sure you saw issue 43 of the Crytocademy newsletter. Be sure to sign up for the new site if you haven't already. You can do that here. That way, you get emails from me as soon as a new issue is published. If you've already signed up at cryptocadem…


Issue 38 – Pivotal Week for Cryptos

Issue 38 of the Cryptocademy newsletter is out. You can read it here. Be sure to sign up for the new website if you haven't already. I won't be sending reminder emails through this (old) list forever. :)Talk soon,Justin


Are you ready?

It's Wednesday, and that means a brand new complimentary crypto newsletter is about to land in your inbox.But only if you're subscribed to the new website.If not, you'll miss out on today's lessons and charts like BTC, ETH, VET, ADA, and several others.So, su…


Cryptocademy - Issue 28 (and an important reminder)

Hey there,Issue 28 of the Cryptocademy newsletter is out. You can get it here. Also, I noticed you haven't signed up for the new website yet. Be sure to join the new Cryptocademy website to continue receiving these updates on the crypto market.If you're no lo…


Cryptocademy issue 23 is out now

I just released another complimentary issue of the Cryptocademy newsletter (on the new site), and I felt it necessary to let you know.You can get the new issue here.As a reminder, you'll need to sign up at the new site by the end of June to continue receiving…


Out with the old, in with the new

Cryptocademy moved to its new home earlier this month. And while many of you have signed up at the new site, many have not. You'll need to sign up here to continue receiving these newsletters. If you already did, you can unsubscribe from this email (at the bo…


Friendly reminder

Just a friendly reminder that Cryptocademy has moved. Many of you have signed up at the new website, but many have not.Here's the link to sign up: and paid plans are available.Free members receive one newsletter each week …


Don't miss out

I just released the first complimentary edition of the Cryptocademy newsletter on the new website.You can get today's issue here.And be sure to sign up on the new site to get the latest from me. It'll be the only way to receive the newsletter after this month…


Cryptocademy Membership Levels

I hope everyone had a great weekend!I want to clarify a few questions about Cryptocademy's new home and the memberships offered.First, there will always be a weekly free edition of the newsletter published every Wednesday.In that way, nothing has changed. Tho…


Cryptocademy Has Moved!

Big news, everyone!...The Cryptocademy site is officially live, and daily newsletters start next week!Check out the new site to learn how to join.Thanks for the continued support. I couldn't do it without you.Cheers,JustinP.S. If you don't sign up using the l…


Cryptocademy Issue #10 - Is the Crypto Bull Market Over?

The total market cap broke below a significant level this past week.The $1.85T level is the bottom of an ascending channel that extends from February.Wednesday closed below it, and the $1.85T area turned to resistance during Thursday's retest.Unless the marke…


Cryptocademy Issue #9 - Is the Correction Over?

The total crypto market cap chart has been my barometer for this correction.The market's recent break below the December trend line near $2T was my cue that a broader correction was coming.You can see where this past weekend closed below the $1.815 key level.…


Cryptocademy Issue #8 - Will Stocks Crash Altseason?

It may seem strange for me to start with the S&P 500 stock index.However, contrary to what some think, US equities and cryptos are related.All one has to do is match the last few pullbacks from the S&P to Bitcoin.You'll quickly see that every 20%+ cor…


Cryptocademy Issue #7 - Keep These Support Levels on Your Radar

The total crypto market cap chart continues to churn higher.It's experienced a few corrections so far this year, including the one in mid-January and two in late February and March. The crypto market has bounced back every time.However, the rallies are gettin…


Cryptocademy Issue #6 - Altcoin Season in April?

Bitcoin bounced from $50,000 last week, which is relatively close to the $47,000 support area I mentioned in the previous newsletter. To be clear, $42,000 was always the lower boundary for the correction, not a target.BTCUSDT has churned higher in the last fe…


Cryptocademy Issue #5 - How Low Will Cryptos Go?

The crypto market cap is once again in the red after carving a marginally higher high earlier this month.However, this isn't as alarming as it may seem at first glance.In my opinion, the crypto market cap chart is simply heading back to the $1.3T support area…


Cryptocademy Issue #4 - Heads or Tails?

Bitcoin was leaning on a key trend line support from the recent correction low near $43,000.The Fed saved the day with more easy money.However, BTCUSDT needs to secure a daily close above $58,300 to signal its bullish intent.If it fails to do so and instead c…


Cryptocademy Issue #3 - Timing the Bull Market

It's clear to see why I think this bull market could peak in August/September when we study past cycles.There were nine months above each previous all-time high in both the 2013 and 2017 bull markets.December 2020 was Bitcoin's first monthly close above its p…


Cryptocademy Issue #2 - Bitcoin Dumps Aren't Random

The total crypto market cap continues to consolidate following the most recent correction that began on February 22nd.Despite being up 13% from the February 28th low, there's a chance the market isn't done consolidating.That doesn't necessarily mean we see ne…


Cryptocademy Issue #1 - Searching for a Bottom

Bitcoin is currently trading near $50,000 after Tuesday's bounce from a multi-week low of $45,000.While I do think a bottom is near, I don't think BTCUSDT rallies from here without another drop first.For that, I'm looking to the $47,000 support area.A bounce …